Battle Garage Racing Service Maintenance Guide

Welcome to the Battle Garage Racing Service Maintenance Guide! This guide is specifically tailored for FA20 and FA24 BRZ Gen 1 and GR86 Gen 2 enthusiasts who want to change their engine oil but are unsure about the best oil viscosity and brand to choose for their modified vehicles. We understand that choosing the right oil can be a daunting task, so we've simplified the process by offering Maintenance Oil Kits that contain everything you need for a worry-free oil change.

Our Maintenance Oil Kits include the precise amount of oil required for your FA20 or FA24 engine, eliminating the need for extensive research on your part. We've also taken into account the additional oil used by oil coolers, commonly utilized by HPDE competitors and dedicated track enthusiasts. Our kits feature reputable brands such as Subaru OEM, MOTUL, AMSOIL, and more. Each kit also includes an oil filter and a drain plug crush washer for your convenience.

For those seeking a bit more edge, we've introduced the Casual+, Canyon+, and HPDE+ tiers, delivering that extra performance boost without requiring a leap to the next level.

Let's break down our Maintenance Oil Kits based on your driving habits and vehicle modifications:

Casual: Recommended for Daily Drivers and Occasional Canyon Runners

These kits are ideal for enthusiasts who primarily use their vehicles for daily commuting and occasionally enjoy spirited drives through the canyons. If you're not pushing your FA20/FA24 too hard, we recommend sticking with the factory recommendation of 0W-20 oil. This oil viscosity strikes the right balance between daily driving and occasional spirited runs, ensuring your engine's longevity and performance.

ZN6/ZN8 Casual Oil Change Kits:


    Have peace of mind by choosing Genuine OEM Subaru 0W-20 oil, accompanied by an OEM oil filter and a drain plug crush washer. These high-quality components ensure your engine's reliability and performance, making it the perfect choice for your daily driving adventures.

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    Why opt for AMSOIL? AMSOIL's synthetic lubricants outperform conventional oils in wear protection, engine cleanliness, and fuel efficiency, ensuring your vehicle runs smoother and lasts longer. These chemically engineered pure lubricants offer superior performance and come highly recommended, even by FA Guru Ezekiel from CM Autohaus. Our curated AMSOIL 0W-20 kit includes an AMSOIL oil filter and an OEM Subaru drain plug crush washer, providing a complete solution to maintain your FA20 and FA24 engine's peak performance and longevity. Choose AMSOIL for unmatched protection and efficiency.

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Canyon: Recommended for Frequent Canyon Runners

If you're a frequent canyon runner, our Canyon Kits are tailor-made for your needs. With the demanding conditions of canyon drives in mind, we recommend using 5W-30, a thicker viscosity oil to enhance engine protection. While these kits are well-suited for mostly stock vehicles, for those with an oil cooler installed, we recommend acquiring an additional quart of oil to guarantee optimal performance.

ZN6/ZN8 Canyon Oil Change Kits:


    This kit includes AMSOIL's high-quality 5W-30 synthetic oil, an AMSOIL oil filter, and a Subaru OEM drain plug crush washer. With this comprehensive package, you can ensure peak engine performance, superior protection, and peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for your maintenance needs.

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    MOTUL stands out as a preferred choice among BRZ and GR86 enthusiasts, and the MOTUL 8100 POWER 5W-30 takes performance to the next level. It ensures exceptional oil flow into your engine, even in the most demanding conditions, and boasts impressive resistance to high temperatures. This winning combination not only provides precise control over oil consumption but also offers superior wear protection. Our kit features an OEM Subaru Oil Filter and an OEM Subaru drain plug crush washer, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your engine's maintenance needs.

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HPDE (High-Performance Driving Events): Recommended for Racing Enthusiasts with Modified Engines

Our HPDE Kits are specially crafted for dedicated racing enthusiasts who participate in competitive racing series and have undertaken substantial engine enhancements, including the installation of oil coolers and superchargers. To withstand the rigorous demands of high-performance driving events, we strongly recommend utilizing a thicker viscosity oil, specifically the 5W-40 grade, for both the FA20 and FA24 engines. In recognition of the increased oil consumption associated with these modifications, our HPDE Kit generously includes an extra quart of oil to ensure your engine remains adequately lubricated during your intense track sessions.

ZN6/ZN8 HPDE Oil Change Kits:


    Introducing the 8100 X-CLEAN Gen2 5W-40, a remarkable 100% synthetic engine oil meticulously crafted by Motul to enhance the performance of the latest generation Gasoline engines. This Motul oil is the ultimate choice for 5W-40 oils, offering unparalleled quality and pure synthetic composition, not just "full synthetic." Our kit includes an extra quart of oil, Subaru OEM Oil filter, and Subaru OEM drain plug crush washer, providing a complete solution for your engine's maintenance needs. Elevate your engine's performance with Motul 8100 X-CLEAN Gen2 5W-40, the best money can buy.

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Oil Change Frequency

Wondering how often you should change your oil? Consult Subaru and Toyota's maintenance guides for specific recommendations:

  • For the 2022 FA24, refer to Subaru's maintenance guide for the most up-to-date information.
  • For the 2012-2021 FA20, consult Toyota's maintenance guide for guidance on oil change intervals.
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