MOTUL 5W40 FA20/FA24 8100 X-CLEAN GEN2 Maintenance Kit For 2013+ FRS/BRZ/86 2022+ BRZ/GR86

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Our 5W40 oil kits are intended for those who need engine protection for long durations with frequent sustained cornering forces. These kits are well suited for HPDE, Time Attack, and vents where engine stress is high and maintaining protection is critical. This oil kit is also ideal for those who have substantial engine enhancements, including the installation of oil coolers, power modifications such as, E85 tunes, turbos, and superchargers. Our HPDE oil kit includes an extra quart of oil to account for additional capacity required for oil cooler equipped engines.

Struggling to decide on the right oil viscosity and brand for your FA20 & FA24? Explore our oil kit maintenance guide!

Our kit includes an extra quart of oil, Subaru OEM Oil filter, and Subaru OEM drain plug crush washer, providing a complete solution for your upgraded engine's maintenance needs. Elevate your engine's performance with Motul 8100 X-CLEAN Gen2 5W-40, the best money can buy.
The 8100 X-CLEAN Gen2 5W-40, a remarkable 100% synthetic engine oil meticulously crafted by Motul to enhance the performance of the latest generation Gasoline engines. This Motul oil is the ultimate choice for 5W-40 oils, offering unparalleled quality and pure synthetic composition, not just "full synthetic."

Kit includes:
  • x1 Gallon (4 Quarts) MOTUL 5W-30 8100 Power Engine Oil
  • x2 Quart MOTUL 5W-30 8100 Power Engine Oil
  • x1 Subaru OEM Engine Oil Filter
  • x1 Subaru OEM Crush Washer


There is some evidence that the FA20 and FA24 can benefit from a slight overfill. If you are running an Oil cooler and want to run a slight overfill. We would suggest buying an additional quart. We do not have data on how much additional oil is best, however those tests are being done and we will update this page once more data has been confirmed.