About Us


Focused on our customers since 2013!

Our mission at BGRS is to focus on providing unique and high quality solutions for the everyday car enthusiast.  We would be nowhere with out your support!

We approach development with the idea that high performance could be obtained not only in a track environment, but also on the streets where it all started. Our inspiration comes from 90′s magazines like Option2 and G-Works,  when tuning was as much of an art as it was a science. This was a time when parts were made by people with a passion for the sport (think HKS, Toda, RE-Amemiya, Techno Pro Spirits) rather than off shore factories . Our goal is to bring back this tuning spirit with unique products/services we can be proud of.

Over the years, while putting work into our own cars, we’ve come across over-pricing, low-quality parts, as well as articles and blogs lacking the technical substance that we so desperately seek.  We realized that others felt the same way and connected with people who could help us facilitate in delivering solutions.  Currently, BGRS is focused on developing and providing parts for AE86 chassis.