MOTUL 8100 5W30 FA20/FA24 Oil Maintenance Kit 2013+ FRS/BRZ/86 2022+ BRZ/GR86

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This 5W-30 oil kit is intended for engines that will see short durations of hard driving, so if you're a frequent canyon runner, autocross driver, or go to casual track days, our 5w-30 oil kits will provide added protection needed.

These kits are intended to satisfy factory recommended oil capacity. If you have an oil cooler installed you will need additional oil to account for the increased oil capacity of your kit. Please see your oil cooler manufactures specifications for exact amount of oil required. Our experience has been that 1 additional quart will satisfy most oil coolers additional capacity.

Struggling to decide on the right oil viscosity and brand for your FA20 & FA24? Explore our oil kit maintenance guide!

MOTUL stands out as a preferred choice among BRZ and GR86 enthusiasts, and the MOTUL 8100 X-Clean+ 5W-30 takes performance to the next level. It ensures exceptional oil flow into your engine, even in the most demanding conditions, and boasts impressive resistance to high temperatures. This winning combination not only provides precise control over oil consumption but also offers superior wear protection. Our kit features an OEM Subaru Oil Filter and an OEM Subaru drain plug crush washer, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your engine's maintenance needs.
Kit includes: 
  • x1 Gallon (4 Quarts) MOTUL 5W-30 8100 X-Clean+ Engine Oil 
  • x1 Quart MOTUL 5W-30 8100 X-Clean+ Engine Oil 
  • x1 Subaru OEM Engine Oil Filter
  • x1 Subaru OEM Crush Washer