SQ Gearbox adapter kit: 4AGE / 7A to J160-S (3sge Beams)

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4AGE / 7A to J160-S gearbox adapter kit

For those looking to upgrade the gearbox behind their 4A / 7A engine then fitting a Toyota J160 / Aisin AZ6 is an excellent choice. These 6-speed gearboxes have a nice spread of gear ratios, feature a modern design and have a strength comparable to the Supra W5x series. There are two different models / variations of this J160 gearbox and we offer individual adapters for each- the kit on this page lets a J160 (Type-S) bolt directly up to an A-series engine without any gearbox disassembly.

NOTE: This adapter kit only suits the J160 from the 3SGE Beams (SXE10 Altezza). Will not suit any other model of gearbox.

Features and advantages

– No gearbox disassembly: Fitting this adapter doesn’t require the rather unpleasant job of taking the gearbox apart. In fact pending on the starter motor option the gearbox doesn’t require any modifications at all.

– Part cross-compatibility: By buying this adapter along with our other related conversion products there is an assurance of compatibility and drastically simplifies what would normally be a complex conversion. See under “Related products” further down this page.

– Gearbox angle: Using this adapter kit we guarantee that the gearbox will not be tilted from the angle that it was originally intended to run at.

– All fasteners supplied: Each kit comes with a large quantity of fasteners which covers everything required to fit this adapter kit.

– Adapter thickness / clutch spline engagement: Due to the thin profile of this adapter an off the shelf clutch disk will still have near complete spline engagement between it and the end of the gearbox input shaft.

– Starter motor positions / compatibility: There is provision for the choice of the starter motor to either go in the original position as used by the T50 gearbox or to fit on the intake side of the engine. A blanking cover and fasteners are supplied for the unused side.See under “part compatibility” for more information.

– Real information and support: People should not have to do their own research after buying an adapter to learn how to fit it into place. For the greatest simplicity each kit will be provided with extensive and easy to follow information. In these will be things such as a step by step install guide, various photos / diagrams and compatible clutch types with part numbers.

Parts supplied

– Gearbox adapter plate

– Sandwich plate

– Custom billet machined thrust bearing carrier

– Spigot bearing extension

– Starter motor hole blanking plate

– Multiple fasteners

Part compatibility

– Gearbox type: This adapter will only suit the type of J160 gearbox originally bolted to a 3SGE beams engine. It will not suit the type originally fitted behind a 1GFE engine.

– Clutch assembly: Just like our 4age to W5x series adapter this product suits a combination of off the shelf clutch components. The correct models with their respective part numbers are included in the supplied instructions with each kit. 

– Other clutch components: The OEM J160 clutch fork, slave cylinder and the retainer clip are re-used, however the thrust bearing from the W5x / T50 is used in place of the original. A thrust bearing isn’t supplied as part of the kit but we do offer them in our store.

– Starter motors: Any starter motor that was originally compatible with a T50 gearbox can be used on either side of this adapter plate. SQ's Honda to T50 starter adapters also work well but can only be used on the exhaust side. Of note a simple relief may need to be cut pending on the starter choice. See under the instructions for more information.