SQ Engineering Honda Starter Adapter for T50 Transmissions

SQ Engineering

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Honda Accord starter motor adapter for T50 gearboxes.

SQ Engineering wanted to offer something that was an improvement on every other genuine option out there. To find a solution it required some unconventional thinking, the result is in the form of a easy to use adapter that allows a cheap, common and very powerful starter sourced from a Honda to bolt right up to a Toyota T50 gearbox.

Advantages of Honda Starter Motor

- High torque with little current draw: The compatible starter motor is a gear reduction unit with a powerful 1.2kw motor.  This means you can run smaller current, race batteries with lower risk of not being able to turn the engine over if the battery gets run down a bit. 

- Clearance: The adapter holds the main body of the starter very close to the engine block, the main motor ends up near level with the edge of the bell housing. This leaves the maximum amount of room for the exhaust system and keeps the starter motor as cool as possible. 

- Weight: Even with the adapter fitted the combined weight is still on par with the lightest Toyota option.

Compatible starter motors:

- F22A

- F22B

- F23A

All of these above are with the automatic transmission only, the type as fitted to the manual gearboxes is not compatible. These where commonly fitted to Honda Accord's.

You may also pick the "With Starter" option, which includes a remanufactured Honda Starter!

 It is highly recommended that you install a starter relay while installing this.  See link here.

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