Works Bell Rapfix GTC Ball Lock System - Black

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Works Bell Ball Lock System RAPFIX GTC (Black)

Works Bell Rapfix GTC futures one lever for a easy pull and flip system. Gone are the days of having try and twist or push a button just to move the wheel out of the way. 

High quality anodizing made to last years and years of abuse

Every Works Bell we sell is authentic, we source and import these so you don't have to.

The Works Bell Rapfix GTC uses a universal 6-bolt pattern wheel such as Nardi, Personal, Momo, or Sparco steering wheels. It allows drivers to flip the wheel up without having to pull it off. Will bolt to any 6 or 12 bolt steering hub. This is not a steer hub it is a quick release. The Works Bell Rapfix GTC is the original and best quick releases on the market. Will work with slim  or standard hub. Flip hub allows you to just flip it up and hop out. Includes all hardware and wiring to ensure the horn button will work. Get the best don't settle for less when you can get the best!