Whiteline Lateral Rod/Panhard - Fast Road or Track

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This product has been discontinued by Whiteline; we recommend our BGRSxBreeze Fab Panhard Bar as an alternative.

Genuine Whiteline Product

-Adjust axle centering for lowered cars while on the car

-Polyurethane on both sides allows for better control and handling

-Reduces chances of damage to the car's mounting points over time

-Better handling with street or fast road tires (Azenis, RS-3, etc)


The common route taken when setting up an AE86 is to heim or rod-end everything on the car.  But we take a different approach to car setup here at BGRS.


Rod-ends allow for close to zero deflection of the car's suspension, but this can have some significant draw backs:

  • Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) is very great over just about any road surface - this gets annoying. 
  • Any sharp impacts with a curb, burm, or even a blunt object on the road at speed can cause the car's suspension mounting points at the chassis to tear and fatigue over time...all that energy has nowhere to go, nothing to absorb it. 
  • Rod-end's wear over time, causing clacking and clunking while in motion.

Additionally, rod-ends can actually cause a car to handle WORSE for anything but a full-out race car.  Generally speaking, a car with soft street tires should have a soft suspension in terms of spring rate, dampening, and suspension bushings.  A full out race car with slicks will work best with high spring rates, dampening, and rod-ends.  Without going into too much detail, using full heims/rod-ends on a car used on real road surfaces with bumps and ruts will cause the car to skip over bumps, rather than stick to the pavement ... Not a problem on smooth race tracks where rod-ends are supposed to be used.  This translates to a car that is more confidence inspiring while blasting down mountain roads or at the track.  Down side to poly on the lateral rod?  Very little...the rear end will still feel much more planted and responsive than the original 20 year old bushings.

Rod end's are great, just use them appropriately.  We mainly want our customers to make informed decisions and not fall into the marketing hype trap.