Whiteline Anti-roll Bars AE86

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Enhance the handling prowess of your AE86 with Genuine Whiteline Anti-roll Bars, meticulously engineered to fine-tune your vehicle's balance while improving performance without compromising ride quality.

Whiteline Anti-roll Bars are the epitome of precision engineering, offering adjustable and non-adjustable variants to cater to your specific handling needs. Whether you're carving corners on the track or navigating twisty back roads, these anti-roll bars provide unmatched stability and control for a confidence-inspiring driving experience.



  • Fine-tune handling balance to suit your driving preferences and performance goals.
  • Wide range of adjustibility for added versatility
  • Improve performance while maintaining optimal ride quality, ensuring comfort on both daily commutes and spirited drives.
  • Front options include:
    • BTF35Z: 24mm 4-position Blade Adjustable
    • BTF35: 24mm Non-adjustable
  • Rear option:
    • BTR25Z: 20mm 4-position Blade Adjustable


  • Front Anti-roll Bars:
    • BTF35Z: 24mm diameter, 4-position Blade Adjustable
    • BTF35: 24mm diameter, Non-adjustable
  • Rear Anti-roll Bars:
    • BTR25Z: 20mm diameter, 4-position Blade Adjustable


Whiteline Anti-roll Bars are meticulously designed to optimize handling dynamics by reducing body roll and improving cornering stability. The adjustable variants allow for fine-tuning of your vehicle's balance, enabling you to achieve the perfect setup for your driving style and performance requirements. By enhancing chassis stiffness and minimizing body roll, these anti-roll bars maximize tire contact with the road surface, resulting in improved grip and responsiveness in both high-speed maneuvers and tight corners.



Designed specifically for the AE86, Whiteline Anti-roll Bars offer a seamless fitment and easy installation, ensuring compatibility with your vehicle's suspension system. Whether you're upgrading your front or rear anti-roll bars, these components integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, providing a noticeable improvement in handling performance.



  • Whiteline Anti-roll Bars (Front or Rear, depending on variant selected)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions