Weld-On Lower Control Arm Kit for AE86 Corolla

Regular price $225.00

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We now have do it yourself weld on lower control arm kits!

For those that have the resources, this is a more affordable option than our complete lower control arms. This is also a much more modular setup, allowing use on many more models of cars!

These are specifically designed for the AE86 Corolla, but a quick glance around the shop showed that these could be adapted to just about any similar style lower control arm, Toyota, Datsun or other!

These units are double adjustable, so can be extended or shortened even when mounted on the car!

Comes with the lower panel that completely boxes in your lower control arm for added strength.



  • Easily adjustable on car
  • Strong enough for Rally Use
  • Quiet enough for Street
  • Welding Skills Required
  • Rod ends are massively oversized 3 piece telfon lined units with a 5/8" bore and 3/4" shank!
  • We can provide 12mm or 14mm stainless bushings or just about any other size to meet your needs!
  • Other than the bottom plate, and the square steel block, all parts are stainless or plated to prevent corrosion.