Weir MAXGRIP LSD Rebuild Kit for 1985-87 AE86 GTS 6.7"

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These kits are designed to increase the performance of your O.E.M. LSD unit. With our kits installed correctly, your LSD will perform better than if it was new. Our kits offer performance increases you can actually feel, not just impressive sounding numbers. 

MAXGRIP by Weir Performance. A real Performance rebuild kit for the O.E.M. GTS LSD. A great alternative to expensive aftermarket LSD's for builders on a budget. This kit is not glorified O.E.M. parts. Every part has been designed to get the maximum grip possible with an O.E.M. LSD unit. Our kit features larger diameter stationary plates and clutch plates. The increase in diameter increases the surface area by a total of 23% over the O.E.M. plates. Also included are our Max size springs that increase spring load by a total of 60lbs. force over O.E.M. Our kit also features reversible, solid bronze, thrust washers with slotted oil passages for improved oil flow to the bearing surface. The kit also comes with a complete shim kit that allows the installer to set the clearances within the LSD to the exact specs for the best performance. What does all this mean? Quicker, more responsive LSD action with maximum grip! Works great for daily and track use! This kit is easily installed. 

Part Fitment:

1983-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno / Corolla GT-S AE86 (GT-S, SR5, JDM models)