OEM Toyota Intake and Exhaust Valves for the 3S-GE BEAMS Engine

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Introducing the full Valve Set for the 3SGE BEAMS! These are completely OEM Toyota Intake and Exhaust valves, ready for your next engine rebuild! Each kit comes with eight intake and eight exhaust valves. 
The BEAMS 3S-GE wasn't sold in a lot of markets outside of Japan, so we're stoked that we're able to make the process of sourcing parts just a little bit easier by stocking these. 
One cool tidbit: OEM BEAMS 3SGE intake and exhaust valves are made of Titanium!   This is pretty awesome form a performance perspective since titanium is nearly as strong as steel, but something like 70% of the specific mass.  However, Titanium does wear more rapidly than a hardened steel so you may need to check and replace your valves more often than a traditional valvetrain especially if you rev high. 
Kit includes:
  • x8 Intake valves
  • x8 Exhaust valves
Part Fitment:
*** Manual equipped engines came with larger valves than the Automatic equipped engines. ***