TRUST / GReddy 13-Row Oil Cooler kit with thermostat for AE86

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Genuine Trust Product

Protect your engine and prolong the life of your oil with GReddy/TRUST's complete oil cooler overhaul kit!

This kit will provide sufficient cooling under any driving environment and even decrease the warm up time it takes to reach optimum operating temperatures.

The master crafted TRUST 13 row, high capacity oil cooler is guaranteed to keep temperatures low with its efficient, inner fin core design directly attributed from their indelible experience in forced induction intercooling systems.

This kit includes all of the proper installation brackets, hardware, components guaranteed to slide in hassle free in a quality you can TRUST!

  • Gorgeous superior quality, 13 row aluminum TRUST Oil Cooler with 3/4-16UNF AN fittings
  • Tough, high flow steel braided GReddy oil lines with GReddy 3/4-16UNF AN fittings and protective sleeve
  • GREX oil filter sandwhich plate with gaskets, 3/4-16UNF AN fittings and external temperature sensor compatibility.