Trico Exact Fit 19" and 17" Windsheild Wiper Set for AE86

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Upgrade your AE86's windshield wipers with the Trico Exact Fit 19" and 17" Windshield Wiper Set from Battle Garage Racing Service. Engineered to provide precise fitment and exceptional performance, these wipers ensure clear visibility in all weather conditions, enhancing safety and driving confidence.


  • Precision-engineered for a perfect fit on the AE86
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Designed to provide streak-free wiping and optimal visibility
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions for reliable operation
  • Easy installation with no modifications required


  • Length: 19" (driver's side) and 17" (passenger's side)
  • Material: High-quality rubber and metal construction
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the AE86


The Trico Exact Fit Windshield Wiper Set utilizes advanced engineering and materials to deliver superior performance. Its aerodynamic design reduces wind lift, ensuring consistent contact with the windshield for effective wiping. The high-quality rubber blades are resistant to deterioration, maintaining optimal wiping performance even in extreme temperatures.


  • One 19" Trico Exact Fit Windshield Wiper
  • One 17" Trico Exact Fit Windshield Wiper


These wipers are precisely designed to fit the AE86 model, ensuring hassle-free installation and reliable performance. Whether you're driving through rain, sleet, or snow, the Trico Exact Fit Windshield Wiper Set is your trusted companion for clear visibility on the road.