TRD "Blues" - Short Stroke Racing Adjustable Shocks for AE86

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Genuine Toyota Racing Development product

Not to be mistaken with your average Tokico blue set, the world renowned TRD Blue Shock Absorber is the most widely used, high performance, OEM quality gas filled shock absorber in the history of AE86 tuning. Notably, the preferred choice of Keiichi Tsuchiya's famous TRD prepared street and N2 cars in the early 2000s, to Katsuhiro Ueo's pick for front struts for precision control on his notorious black professor AE85 legendary D1 drift machine.

These shocks are venerated by many for their precision adjustment settings, consistent handling characteristics and overall competitive versatility in drifting, road and rally racing. Look no further than TRD if you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to legitimate, true and tried short stroke shock absorbers.

These shocks are for cars with stiffer than factory springs. For best results, please pair with greater than 5kg/mm spring rates. Also, these are short stroke shocks and are for lowered cars.


Rear damper: 8 way adjustable rate
Shock Type: Twin Tube gas
Stroke Range: 180mm/7.086in
Damping force: 1519/490N
Reaction force of Rod: 120.5N

Front cartridge: 5 way adjustable
Shock type: Twin Tube gas
Stroke range: 165mm
Dampening force: 2401/1323N