TRD 4AGE 16V Spark Plug Wires

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Genuine TRD Product
-7mm diameter
-Silicone jacket
-Low resistance
-4AGE 16V Bigport in RWD format only

Are you having trouble with miss-firing? Higher than expected fuel consumption? If you have put your car on a dyno, is the graphed result more jagged than other cars on that dyno?

There can be many reasons for less than ideal performance and economy, but having a good, strong spark is an essential element on a high performance engine. TRD wires have a lower resistance than the OEM lead, and a durable silicone jacket that helps prevent cross-fire between different cylinders.

*These can fit an AW11, but the main ignition wire to the coil is too short so an AW11 specific ignition lead would need to be used.*