Toyota OEM Tie Rod Ends or Toyota AE86

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Brand new genuine Toyota OEM tie rod ends for the Toyota AE86. Clunking noises when going over bumps? Loose-feeling steering wheel? That might be caused by bad tie rod ends.

Tie rod ends have ball joints that are bound to wear out over the years. When they do, you'll likely hear clunking noises when going over bumps, loose-feeling steering, and your wheels are likely to go out of alignment more often.

If you're experiencing the above, replace your tie rod ends with this Toyota OEM part. Genuine Toyota OEM parts ensure hassle-free fitment, and we're happy to offer you this replacement part. Fits both the SR5 and GT-S Toyota AE86.

Kit Includes:

  • x2 Tie Track Rod End
Part Fitment:
1983-1987 AE86  SR5, GT-S