Toyota Corolla AE86 Genuine Rear Coil Spring Insulator Upper & Lower set OEM

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Over time, your suspension setup takes a tremendous of abuse. Not only from aggressive driving but from the road conditions. No part falls victim to this more than your coil spring insulators. On cars as old as AE86s, these things eventually will start to crumble and fall apart. Refreshing these with OEM Toyota parts is a no-brainer!

  • Sold as a complete set! x2 upper and x2 lower
  • Can GREATLY reduce suspension noise
  • Increases lifespan of springs
  • Straightforward installation
  • Looks miles better than the old blown-out units these cars came with 35+ years ago

 Part Fitment:

1980-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno AE86 4AGE