Toyota 1NZ Coil Pack Connectors

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Brand new connectors for all 4 pin Toyota Coil-packs (Coil on Plug applications).

-Come ready to assemble.
-High temp housings and quality pins.
-Tested for durability and heat by supplier to 482F.
-Perfect for COP conversion on OEM ECU or with Stand Alone ECU
-Priced per connector! Please choose desired quantity.

If your connectors have become brittle/damaged or you cannot source any, we offer a great solution.

These connectors come dis-assembled by default but come with weather tight seals, high quality pins, and durable housings. We also offer an assembly service for an additional price. When installing Toyota coil packs on an OEM ecu, all four pins need to be correctly wired (including IGF signal to the correct location). With a stand alone ECU, IGF signal is ignored so only 3 pins needs to be used. Coil pack pin-outs vary by the type of coil being used but you can normally find out what it is on the internet.

Prices below are for EACH connector! Please select quantity of 4 if you need 4, etc.

Please allow 1 week lead time if you require our assembly service.