Toyota BEAMS 3SGE Total Gasket Kit

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Genuine Toyota

Select Blacktop BEAMS 3SGE for:

  • 10/1998-06/2005 Toyota Altezza (SXE10)

Select Redtop BEAMS 3SGE for:

  • 12/1989-07/1999 Toyota  MR2 (SW20)
  • 09/1993-07/1999 Toyota Celica (ST202)
  • 08/1997-08/2002 Toyota Caldina (ST210/ST215)
  • 04/1994-04/2000 Toyota RAV4 (SXA10/SXA11)

Gaskets included:
-Head gasket
-Exhaust and intake manifold gaskets
-All bottom end gaskets including oil pump

Seals included:
-Valve stems
-Front and rear mains
-Cam cover
-Many others

This kit is the most cost effective way to replace many gaskets at once if you are doing an overhaul.