Tomei PonCams for 4AGE 16V

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Genuine Tomei product - Priced per Pair

 Suits:  4AGE 16V (all years)

Tomei developed their famous Poncams without compromise in the real world, on the road and on the dyno bench by testing, prototyping and refining dozens of prototypes in the pursuit of the producing the highest quality, most powerful camshafts ever. Tomei Poncams are among the best camshafts in the world of 4ag tuning due to their high strength material crafted using the best CNC camshaft grinding machine in the industry, consistently providing the highest dimensional accuracy in every single batch with tolerances measured in microns. Comfortably take your 4ag to the redline with excellent response and the ability to make optimum power from 4,000 all the way to 8,000 rpm

Designed to fulfill the function of the valve train as efficiently as possible in all positions, Poncams quickly stabilize seating on the seat ring when open and reduces the burden on the components around the valve, all while simultaneously suppressing the generation of abnormal noise when closed.

  • 264 8.15mm lift intake and exhaust
  • High rotation support from the optimum cam profile
  • Guaranteed to perform at 4,000 rpm to 10,000 rpm
  • Smooth idling despite the “unrivaled, overwhelming performance” gains - Tomei
  • Drop in compatibility with stock or highly modified 4ag engines