Toda x Exedy Strengthened Pressure Plate for FA24 BRZ 86

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The Toda x Exedy Strengthened Pressure Plate for 22+ BRZ 86 – Elevate Your Clutch Game!

Experience the power of Toda Racing's specially crafted strengthened clutch cover, expertly engineered by Toda Racing and built by Exedy. Designed to seamlessly blend an OEM-like feel with enhanced holding pressure, this pressure plate presents the ideal upgrade. Elevate your driving experience with improved performance without compromising OEM drivability.

Unleash the potential of your vehicle with higher clamping force while retaining a similar feel to OEM clutch engagement. Toda x Exedy's collaborative creation ensures that this pressure plate upgrade strikes the perfect balance between power and practicality.

Compatible with second generation BRZ, and 86, this strengthened pressure plate accounts for the increased torque of the FA24 and enhances your driving experience, taking it to new heights. Transform your clutch system with the Toda x Exedy Strengthened Pressure Plate – the ultimate fusion of performance and drivability.