TODA Super Oil Pump Gear


  • 34500

-Genuine TODA Part
-Available for 4AGE 16V / 20V and 2ZZ Engines
-CNC machined from higher tensile steel
-Improve reliability in engines consistently spun at over 8,000 RPM

Toyota Oil pump gears are known to break when subjected to extreme loads. High RPM and especially high cornering loads cause oil to pull away from the pick up in the sump. The momentary pause of oil supply causes a huge shock to the pump gear when oil returns. This, and engine harmonics are the main cause for oil pump failures at speed.

TODAs gear is machined from a higher strength steel that is better at withstanding these shocks. This upgrade is great for those putting their Toyota engines to the test, but a modified sump with trap doors and baffling is also recommended for engines that see extreme loads often.

TODA: "These heavy duty oil pump gears are designed to replace the oil pump gears found in later model 4AG AE92 (16V), and 4AG 20 valve engines found in the AE101 (Silver head cover) and the AE111 (Black head cover). "

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