Toda Racing Up-Rated Valve Spring Kit - Silver Top 20V 4AGE

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Genuine Toda Racing Product
-Allows for up to 11mm of valve lift
-Allows for extended high RPM use
-Designed to just be stiff enough, reducing risk of excessive valve train wear (TRD).

For 20V 4AGE we recommend upgrading your valve springs with higher rate aftermarket units when going beyond 8,000 RPM or whenever using aftermarket cams with greater than 8.9mm of valve lift.

The BGRS shop car is using Toda Valve springs with great results. We installed Kelford cams with 8.9mm of valve lift and the (stock) valve springs were VERY close to coil bind. This means that Tomei PonCams, while probably the best cam to use with a stock 20V, is running on the ragged edge of coil bind, especially on blacktop engines. Therefore, we advise customers to use Toda valve springs when using any cam with 8.9mm or more valve lift (cam lift, or if you will be consistently revving past 8K RPM.

*These Springs are made to use the stock retainers