Toda Racing TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ High Power Exhaust Muffler System (Twin Silencer) with Resonator

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Studies in balance the effects of noise and performance have enabled us to reach a good specification. Improving the sound by reducing the unpleasant droning sound when "accelerator-off" by the use of a resonance pipe (resonator). Also introducing a cool metallic sound particularly when "acceleration-on" which resembles that of a jet engine at takeoff.

  • Twin silencers used to make a more intoxicating sound.
  • Titanium end pipes designed with "melted edge" to improve robustness, along with the blue tint to enhance a sporty look.
  • Center pipe (Stainless): Ø60mm + Rear branch part (Stainless): Ø50mm x 2 + Twin silencers (Stainless): Ø150mm diameter + Tail pipe (Titanium): Ø100mm