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The Toda Racing Adjustable Cam Pulley Set Toyota Levin Trueno AE101 20V are an essential and high quality replacement to the OEM Pulleys. Toda Cam Pulleys are made completely from Duralumin A-7075 which is a higher grade of aluminum commonly found on fighter aircraft landing gear or other high stress areas. The use of A-7075 aluminum allows Toda Racing to offer the strongest and lightest cam pulleys on the market.


  • High Accuracy: Differing from conventional sintered pulleys (one piece),the TODA adjustable campulley is made in two pieces. This enables the adjustment in the valve timing to be carried out. Since vernier type graduations are used, the adjustment can be carried to 1 deg of the crank angle (0.5 deg of the cam angle) in order to achieve maximum results.
  • Super LightWeight: Duralumin A-7075 is used for both its lightness and high rigidity in both the inner plate and the campulley. So implementing an improved design and the employment of Duralumin a 35% weight reduction is achieved. And not only is the overall weight reduced but also a reduction in inertia, leading to an improvement in engine response.
  • High Rigidity: With employing Duralumin A-7075 in both sections of the pulley, the overall rigidity is improved. So whether you are using a standard camshaft or a high performance camshaft, valve timing accuracy is improved. The two pieces of the campulley are then anodized helping to prevent the lock bolts from sinking, along with surface treatments (precious metals) to help reduce cam belt wear.

Toda Racing

Adjustable Intake Cam Pulley - AE101 20V

Part Number:

Included: Intake side only
Material: Duralumin A-7075

Product Notes:
- With a vernier degree scale.
- In all sections duralumin A-7075 is used.
- VVT system cannot be used.


  • Designed only for Levin/Trueno AE101 with 20 Valves 4A-G Engines.
    • Toyota Levin/Trueno AE101 4A-GE (06/1991-05/1993)
    • Toyota Levin/Trueno AE101 4A-GE (06/1993-05/1995)