Toda Flywheel - SXE10 3SGE BEAMS

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Genuine Toda Racing Product


3SGE BEAMS Toda Flywheel

Toda flywheels are properly engineered for high rpm use. By using CAD modeling and finite element analysis (FEA) the engineering team can cut weight and produce a Chromoly flywheel that is lighter, better palanced, and safer than competing products. Toda's experience comes from years of experience with TODA's race programs in various series. 

4AGE Toda Flywheel

Toda flywheels are double heat treated for a higher level of durability and even rust prevention.

Choose the flywheel that applies to your engine:

Suites 1985-1987 4AGE engines (200mm clutch disc)

Chrome-molly flywheel (3.7kg / inertia:0.33)

Suites 1988-1998 4AGE engines (16V and 20V with 212mm clutch disc)

Chrome-molly flywheel (4.4kg / inertia:0.42)

Suites 2000-2002 SXE10 Blacktop BEAMS 3SGE Engines

Chrome-molly flywheel (5.8kg / inertia:0.58)