TODA Blacktop BEAMS Camshafts

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Toda 3SGE BEAMS Camshafts suit Blacktop Beams engines. 

Toda Camshafts are the highest quality and are all race tested. Proven to give you the best power gains across the board. Please understand these are made to order so the ETA on these would be 4-6 weeks. These are the best cams out there for the BEAMS engine. 

It is highly recommend these be used with TODA valve springs and a standalone ECU as well as adjustable cam gears. 

Sold as a set

Lead Time: Made to order 4-6weeks

290in/280ex set
*TODA Up Rated Valve Springs required & TODA Cam Pulleys recommended.
*In order to use with VVT system, a programmable ECU will be required to control VVT function range, but not recommended. VVT oil line is provided to camshafts.
Side: Intake
Angle: 290
Lift: 13.3

Side: Exhaust

Angle: 280
Lift: 13.0


 268in/264ex set
*Standard springs can be used. For best effect, use TODA Up Rated Valve Springs.
*Can idle with STD ECU. (*Not the best.)

Side: Intake
Angle: 268
Lift: 12.0

Side: Exhaust
Angle: 264
Lift: 11.0