Toda 3SGE BEAMS Black Top Adjustable Cam Gears

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Toda 3SGE BEAMS Adjustable Cam Gears

Material: Duralumin A-7075


  • Designed for the Blacktop BEAMS 3SGE engine
  • With vernier degree scale.
  • In all sections duralumin A-7075 is used.
  • VVT is deleted


  • High-strength and light weight anodized Duralumin A-7075 is extensively used in both the pulley and the inner plate. Creating a cam pulley that is highly accurate, super light and highly rigid.
  • Accurate valve timing for all situations.
  • Can be used with the original camshaft.
  • The adjustments can be carried to 1 deg of the crank angle. (0.5 deg of the cam angle)
  • Duralumin A-7075 + Hard anodize equals Light Weight High Rigidity High Accuracy

High Accuracy:
Differing from the standard sintered one piece pulleys. The Toda adjusting cam pulley is made up of two sections (pulley and inner plate) allowing independent movement between the two. This freedom combined with the vernier type graduations (1 deg of crank angle, 0.5 of cam angle) enables the timing to be adjusted accurately giving maximum results.

Super Lightness:
Duralumin A-7075 is used extensively for both rial changes an average weight saving of 30% is found. Along with weight reductions comes a reduction in inertia so increasing the engines responsiveness.

High Rigidity:
By using Duralumin A-7075 and good design, Toda pulleys have high rigidity. High rigidity leads to improved timing accuracy for either standard or high performance camshafts. Anodized to prevent wear especially form contact with the belt.