Time Machine AE86 Trueno Zenki Front Grill Reproduction

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Whether you're finishing a build, doing maintenance, or just looking to improve your AE86, BGRS is here to fulfill all your AE86 needs. And we're proud to be able to offer you this Trueno badge in white for your AE86, made by Time Machine 86.

In case you're unfamiliar, Time Machine 86 is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of AE86 parts. With years of experience in dry carbon manufacturing and a great passion for the AE86, their goal is to keep the classics alive on the road by reproducing parts for the AE86 and designing their own products as well.

This grill from Time Machine AE86 is a reproduction of the Zenki OEM grill for the AE86. Whether you're current one needs replacing, or you want to change to a Zenki grill for your beloved AE86, we got you covered.

Please note, as these are hand finished reproduction parts there maybe some roughness apparent on the finish of the part. Some correction due to bowing may be necessary.

Part Fitment: 

1983-1985  Toyota Trueno AE86