Techna-fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines

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Genuine Techna-fit Product
- AE86 / AW11 / SW20
- FC3S / FD3S RX7
- S13 / S14 240SX
-Alternative to Goodridge
-Firmer pedal feel
-DOT Approved PVC coating keeps grit out
-SS sleeving protects inner line from flying debris
-Better threshold braking through better brake modulation at the limit

Techna-fit was started by the CEO of Goodridge brake lines, which itself was started as a performance brake line leader for single seater race cars in the late 60's.

Techna-fit's mission was to provide a similar level of performance and quality, but at a lower price for the masses. They have achieved this goal while still manufacturing their lines here in the USA.

**Our AE86 kit is the correct version with all 5 lines**