Team MFactory Taller 5th Gear for T50 Transmissions

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-Fixes the small spread between 4th and 5th gear on AE86/RWD Corolla transmissions

-Ratio changes from 0.87 to 0.737

-Includes 5th gear set - Main shaft and lay shaft

-Version 2, with quieter gear angles for OEM like drivability

-Alleviates "4.77 syndrome" when cruising on the freeway

-Drops RPM by several hundred in 5th Gear

-Limited Quantites on hand




MFactory has Discontuned this gear set - however they are willing to do special order production runs in large batches. Due to popular demand, we have put in an order and will have a limited quantity of these coming in! They are currently in production, we expect them to be in stock early 2023!

Many years ago MFactory reached out to the AE86 community for input on a taller 5th gear to solve the issue of having too high of RPM in 5th gear, especially when using popular final drive ratios.

The T50 has a very short .87 5th gear, which already causes high RPM on the freeway with stock gearing. Enthusiasts often install shorter 4.77 final drives to increase overall performance, but this often leaves the cars with very annoying engine speed on the freeway.

At 65 MPH with 195/50/15 tires, one can expect to see an RPM reduction as follows:

Stock OEM 5th Gear: 

3.9 = 3450 RPM
4.1 = 3600 RPM
4.3 = 3750 RPM
4.7 = 4150 RPM

MFactory 0.77 5th Gear:

3.9 = 2900 RPM
4.1 = 3050 RPM
4.3 = 3200 RPM
4.7 = 3600 RPM

*Professional installation recommended*

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