Takata Racing Harness

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Takata race belts are manufactured by Takata Racing in Germany to comply with the latest FIA standards. Your safety should be a top priority so here at Battle Garage we only carry genuine Takata harnesses. Unique to these harnesses is the feature of ASM® (anti submarining mechanism) which is added to the right shoulder belt. ASM® activates whenever an impact of a critical level occurs releasing and extra two inches of webbing on the right shoulder - allowing enough upper torso rotation and thus helping to reduce the likelihood of submarining. In addition, the unique bendable stainless steel mount bracket for the lap belts allow for easy installation to factory seat belt mounting points. We believe in comfort as well as safety so we also carry the shoulder harness pads as well. Please use the drop down menu to select the option you like. 

Cam style locks for all harness for easy operation 

*These are priced individually

These 4 point harnesses are easy to mount with the eyelet bolts