Toyota OEM Headlight Switch AE86 RHD

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Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a build or performing routine maintenance, count on BGRS to provide you with genuine Toyota OEM solutions when you need them. It can be a challenge to source OEM parts, which is why we are proud to offer you a brand-new, genuine Toyota OEM headlight switch for the RHD Toyota AE86.

If your headlights don't turn on, you might need to replace the headlight switch or relay in your Toyota AE86. There's no telling when they will give out, but all switches or relays will eventually fail. Whatever the case, this headlight switch should fix your issue. But it's always a good idea to inspect other related components as well to ensure the problem is accurately diagnosed and resolved.

Small parts like this can be difficult to source, be it OEM or aftermarket. And we believe OEM is the way to go. Even if you find aftermarket parts, they may not meet the same quality standards, whereas OEM parts tend to have a longer lifespan. Additionally, OEM parts ensure a direct fit and hassle-free installation, giving you further peace of mind when purchasing.

This genuine Toyota OEM headlight switch will fit the right-hand drive (RHD) models only of the Toyota Trueno AE86 GT-Apex trim.

Part Fitment:
1983 - 1987 Toyota Trueno AE86 GT-Apex