Swift Coilover Spring Upgrade

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Genuine Swift Racing Springs

  • Better sharp bump compliance compared to competition
  • Lighter weight
  • More consistent lap times
  • Available in popular spring rates and sizes for coilover applications
  • Spring length sizes are for front coilovers

Choose the size needed for the brand of Coilovers you have.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

For the same spring rate, Swift springs offer a smoother ride over bumpy surfaces than competing spring manufacturers.  How can this be?  Swift Springs' parent company has been producing industrial springs for the last century.  This experience has enabled them to develop a metallurgy process that is proprietary to Swift, resulting in superior performance.  

In addition to the improvement in spring performance, we also recommend dropping spring rates for most coilovers on the market for a user that will be driving on real roads, primarily.  Most coilover kits mimic coilover spring rates as supplied in Japan.  But the roads in Japan are parking lot smooth.  Everywhere.  Including the mountains.  Because of this, spring rates that work well there, do not work so well in the rest of the world for anything but dedicated track cars. 

We recommend about 15-20% spring rate reduction on coilover kits, pretty much across the board.  The benefits for you and your car include noticeably more traction and stability on real (mountain) roads, and of course, more comfort while running errands.  There will be slightly more body roll, but this can be dialed out a bit with adjustable sway bars.  And frankly, a bit of roll with street tires is good as the limits can be more predictably explored, resulting in a faster car for the average driver. 

For AE86's, we typically recommend 7K front, with 4.5K rear springs.  This rate, especially with the Swift springs, give a more predictable drive over real roads, keeping the car planted, but still plenty stiff for spirited driving.  The only time we would not recommend dropping down is if your car is strictly used for competition, or you often use R-Comp tires.  The extra grip from race tires will require something more like 9K and 6K to keep the chassis roll (and resulting camber loss) in check. We can also offer different rate Swift spring, just ask.