StopTech Brake Pads for 13+ BRZ FRS 86 GR86 - REARS

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Upgrade your vehicle's braking performance with StopTech Performance Rear Brake Pads specially designed for 13+ BRZ FRS 86 GR86 models. These high-quality brake pads feature Para-aramid (Kevlar) composites, ensuring a consistent and linear response, no matter the pad temperature.

If you're an aggressive driver who demands top-notch performance and maintains high heat levels during intense driving, these rear brake pads are the perfect choice. They are engineered to handle the rigors of occasional track use, providing reliable stopping power when you need it most.

With an impressive Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT), these StopTech Performance Rear Brake Pads can take on the heat, ensuring consistent braking performance under demanding conditions. Upgrade your braking system today and experience the confidence that comes with superior stopping power and reliability. Trust in StopTech, a brand known for delivering high-performance braking solutions to enhance your driving experience.

Includes 1 set of REAR brake pads, enough for the rear axle.