StopTech ST-22 2017+ BRZ and 86 Front Pad Set - Brembo Only

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Introducing the StopTech Performance 2017-2020 Brembo BRZ Front Pads, the ultimate choice for aggressive drivers seeking top-tier braking performance. Crafted with cutting-edge para-aramid (Kevlar) composites, these front pads deliver exceptional linear response, ensuring consistent braking performance regardless of pad temperature.

Designed to handle high heat levels with ease, these pads are perfect for enthusiastic drivers who demand superior braking capabilities. Whether you're hitting the streets or heading to the track occasionally, these StopTech Performance Front Pads are engineered to excel under challenging conditions.

Experience the benefits of high MOT (Maximum Operating Temperature) tolerance, which allows these pads to maintain peak performance even in intense driving scenarios. Upgrade your 2017-2020 Brembo BRZ with StopTech Performance Front Pads and elevate your braking game to new heights. Trust in StopTech's renowned reputation for quality and performance, and unleash the full potential of your driving experience.


Includes 1 set of rear pads.  

This Part Fits:


2017+ BRZ and 86 with Brembo Brakes ONLY.