Casual Street Performance Brake Upgrade Kit For 2017+ BRZ and 2019 GR86 TRD - Brembo Only

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BGRS Casual packages improve your vehicle's performance without sacrificing day to day quality of life aspects of OEM components.

CASUAL package is perfect for those looking to upgrade their brakes without losing OEM drivability! Our CASUAL level complete brake upgrade kit is great for every day driving and provides improved braking performance for spirited performance driving. Ideal for daily drivers who love hitting the canyons. Improve braking performance without increasing brake dust and noise.

StopTech Sport brake pads are a great choice for those who want improved braking performance without the annoyances associated with a track brake pad. StopTech’s Para-Aramid friction compound delivers improved stopping performance over a wide temperature range and has been specially formulated to deliver linear response in both cold and hot conditions. Low noise and dust will keep the day to day use of this pad on par with the OEM pad. These pads are good for autocross and light track use.

StopTech STR-600 Brake fluid is the perfect option as it will provide improved heat range for spirited driving, while having a long lifespan. Overall a great option for both day to day use and spirited driving.

2017+ Performance Package BRZ with Brembo Brakes
2019 Toyota 86 TRD with Brembo Brakes

Kit Includes:

  • Front StopTech Performance Brake Pads
  • Rear StopTech Performance Brake Pads
  • StopTech STR-600 High-Performance Street Brake Fluid