Stack Mechanical Gauges

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Monitoring the vital parameters of your engine is one of the best ways to prevent any catastrophic damage. For most older and some newer cars, the gauges from the factory might not be as accurate or precise as an enthusiast would like them to be.

We are happy to offer STACK mechanical gauges to our store. STACK made their name providing precision gauges for motorsports for decades. They are US-based and are highly economical choice for high performance gauges.

The rule of thumb is that volatile parameters (boost, A/F, etc) should be monitored with an electronic gauge whereas parameters that remain mostly static will be fine being monitored using mechanical gauges (oil pressure, water temperature).

-All gauges are 52mm (2 1/16th in.) in diameter

-Listed gauges are BLACK

STACK Offers many different gauges in many different colors, please contact us if you want something different than what we have listed.