SQ x BGRS Pro Velocity Stacks

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Our own testing at BGRS has revealed that the length and shape of the velocity stack plays a very important role over cylinder filling at various RPM's. Stacks with poorly shaped bell mouths or incorrect taper will show a noticeable loss in torque (and horsepower) across the power band.

We have found through independent testing, as well as an extremely expensive engine modeling software package, that 100mm stacks show considerable gains over the popular 70mm lengths in the mid-range and top end on stock and modified 4AG and 3SGE engines. If you have an engine that stays below 9000RPM, a very crude rule of thumb is to insist on using 100 or 100mm stacks over 70mm units if at all possible. Feel free to drop us a line and let us recommend a stack for your application.

Our Silvertop and Blacktop stacks are unique in that they different diameters to suite the smaller and larger ITB's of the respective engines. This ensures the best possible performance. 

Want filtration? Please see our Pipercross filters and SQ adapter plates.

***Prices are for a set of (4)***



  • SQ Engineering Pro Aluminum Velocity Stacks for 4AGE (16/20V) and 3SGE Beams applications.
  • Weber, Dell'orto, Mikuni Solex carburetor applications as well.
  • Designed for maximum flow.
  • Unique stacks to fit each application.
  • Smooth transition from base of stack to throttle body.
  • Tremendous gains with 100mm or longer stacks
  • Best flowing stacks on the market!


  • x4 or one set of velocity stacks
  • x8 bolts


BGRS x Swift 100mm Blacktop Velocity Stacks (Trumpets)

*Image above is of BGRS x SQ 100mm Blacktop Velocity Stacks*

*Image above is of BGRS x SQ 100mm Limited Edition Blacktop Velocity Stacks*

*Image above is of BGRS x SQ 100mm Limited Edition Blacktop Velocity Stacks*

*Image above is showing the difference between Silvertop (left) and Blacktop (right) * The Silvertop and Blacktop are optimized for each engine.