SQ Mechanical Speedo Drive Kit - For J160 Gearboxes

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Drive Gear Teeth

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Genuine SQ Engineering Product

  • Allows the use of AE86 mechanical speedometer after converting to a J160 gearbox
  • Replaces digital speed sender on gearbox side with a mechanical sender.

Parts supplied

  • Speedo drive housing: Pre-fitted with the gear of choice.
  • Retainer tab
  • Retainer bolt

From SQ engineering:

The J160 / Toyota AZ6 models of gearbox are originally fitted with an electronic speedo drive sender module. However most of the cars these gearboxes are retro-fitted into require a mechanical unit to run the original speedo drive cable. 

This problem is easily solved with our mechanical speedo drive kit. With all new parts this kit is a direct replacement of the original drive unit and uses the Toyota standard sized threaded output. This is the output as used on all W5x and T50 gearboxes.

Part identification / compatibility

There are two types of internal drive gears as used in the J160 gearbox. To determine which is fitted remove the existing speedo drive unit and either count the teeth or examine the writing on the bottom face of the plastic gear.

  • Existing drive gear teeth: 33T - Only 31 to 33 teeth drive gears can be used. 
  • Existing drive gear teeth: 35T - Any gear from 35 to 36 can be fitted. 

Parts options

Below are the different options of gears as fitted to the speedo drive unit. They are listed in relation to the diff ratio as used on the vehicle, however this can only be used as a rough guide as it will change pending on the accuracy of the dash speedo unit, rolling tyre diameter and so on.

For any resulting inaccuracy or for those using a diff ratio not listed a speedo correction module is suggested. One method is to compare the measured speed from a GPS against the cars reading, work out the percentage of inaccuracy and order the correct ratio correction module to suit.

  • 32T: For a 3.7:1 diff ratio
  • 33T: For a 3.9:1 diff ratio
  • 35T: For a 4.1:1 diff ratio - Suits some gearboxes only, see parts compatibility

Note: Due to various factors such as the age of the speedometer the results may vary and as such a speedo correction box may be required. These kits use the parts from a W5x gearbox so therefore searching for something like "supra speedo correction box" brings up the correct results