SQ ITG/Pipercross Filter Adapter Plates for 4AGE

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Aluminum adapter plate for multiple-throttle filters.

-Allows for easy installation and removal of air filter.

-Choice of Blacktop or Silvertop throttle spacing. Precision fit, no "one size fit's all" approach with slotted bolt holes.  We stock 1 size for the exact throttle body you are running. 

-3SGE BEAMS to suite Blacktop throttle spacing

-Fits LHD AE86, RHD inquire.

There's no easy way around it. Open velocity stacks provide the most performance but the dirt that enters can destroy the rings and ultimately engine bearings in tens or hundreds of hours. Sock filters, or any other filter fitted to each throttle, adequately protect the engine but will rob at a minimum of 10HP on what was a 160HP engine (and even more depending on the cam grind).

What is needed then, is a filter element that covers multiple throttles and has enough volume to even out the pulses from each induction event. SQ Engineering offers an adapter plate to mount either an ITG or Pipercross filter to your 20V throttle bodies.


For ITG filter use model JC40/100

For Pipercross use C604D

Specifications on ITG filter may be found here: JC40 Data Sheet


8 Hex bolts and washers to mount plate available for $10 more but existing hardware is OK.

***Now carrying 3SGE BEAMS plates to suite SQ Engineering BT ITB manifold only***

*** Any carb style filter assembly may interfere with the heater valve on AE86 chassis.  You can bypass the heater valve and use the internal flapper on the HVAC control to control heat.  We are using this on our own shop car and can control the heat just fine! **