SQ Engineering BEAMS ITB Adapter

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Genuine SQ Engineering Product

-Suits BEAMS 3SGE engine and AE111 Blacktop 20V ITB

-Perfect Fit

-Throttle locating dowels pre-fitted

-No steps or gaps in transition

 -Compatible with the SQ Pipercross Filter Adapter Plate

 Machined out of an aluminium billet: Although making a good manifold with a casting progress is common, most small volume manifolds seem to have a poor finish with a questionable port match. One other product on the market is not advertised as so but is made from black plastic.

Requires no custom modifications to bolt up: Affixes to the OEM intake manifold vibration dampener and base piece with the original fasteners. All without the need to remove them off the engine, just unbolt the original intake manifold and fit this custom part in it's place.

Just like in their original use on the 20V engines dowels can be used so the throttles sit dead true without any alignment. These are fitted with a press so they can't fall out by accident ever. 

Another advantage of this adapter is its compatibility with the Pipercross filter plates we also offer- This allows you to use a filter to cover your velocity stacks while maintaining a higher level of performance. 

Finally, the manifold is one of the few that will actually keep the throttles in the correct orientation, many others on the market flip the throttle bodies upside down.

This is pretty much the ultimate adapter to mount AE111 ITBs to a BEAMS engine. 


Perfectly port matched out of the box:



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