SQ Engineering AE86 to J160 gearbox mount

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These J160 gearbox mounting crossmembers are for those who have an AE86 and are using either one of our 4A to J160 gearbox adapters. They feature a simple but strong single piece steel construction that have been Zinc plated for maximum corrosion protection and are supplied x4 nuts and washers for the rubber mount

The SQ engine crossmember spacers are suggested to be used with this mount, please see the sections below for additional information.

NOTE: These have been designed to suit our gearbox adapter kits with a 4AGE engine only, if the gearbox is fitted to a 3SGE Beams engine then it may not have the mounting holes in the correct location.

Part compatibility

– Car model: Designed only for use with the AE86 model car body, even though the KE70 and AE71 model vehicles are based off the same “E-chassis” they however have different mounting points welded to the underbody and hence this mount is not compatible.

– Fuel lines: On the AE86 the metal fuel lines are originally routed so that they cross between sides in the transmission tunnel directly above the gearbox. For additional clearance this mount has been designed to hold the rear of the gearbox down far enough to provide ample room for even when these lines have been upgraded.

– Gearbox rubber mount: For the greatest simplicity the original J160 rubber mount is reused (not supplied).

Installation notes: Car body clearance

One of the product photos shows an installation into the SQ-Engineering AE86 using our mount to fit a J160 transmission without any modifications to the body, the following was used / undertaken by us to make this possible. Please see the second half of J160 Installation guide for the information on what was required.

Installation guide / Other Information

 J160 Conversion guide and parts checklist

 Additional J160 general, conversion and modification information

– Car body fitment: Despite these mounts utilising oversized mounting holes variations in tollerances and body condition between vehicles could result in hole misalignment. In this scenerio elongating the holes with a file or die grinder is suggested.

– Ground clearance: Due to the height of the original rubber mount and for sufficient gearbox to fuel line clearance the bottom of the this mount is positioned downwards from the underbody mounting points. However if the studs of the rubber mount are cut off after the retainer nuts then this results in it still being above the line between the bottom of the cars sub-frame.