SQ Engineering 4AGE Oil Pressure Kit

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Genuine SQ Engineering Custom Product
-Increases spring pressure of oil pump relief valve
-Custom industrial grade spring to SQ's specifications
-Allows use of thinner, better lubricating oil, while maintaining oil pressure.

SQ Engineering has a lot of experience race prepping 4AGE oil pumps for performance use. When customers approached them asking for ways to increase oil pressure, this kit was the result.

The spring is custom wound in Australia for this application. The original spring in the oil pump is retained, this custom unit is added in addition to it. After a circlip is removed, access to the springs is relatively straight forward. Simply install and secure.

This kit should be safe for 20V with VVT as flow to the head will remain the same as before. We also recommend using this with an aftermarket oil filter, as those can cause a moderate drop in pressure by them selves.