SQ 4AGE 16v Universal Slimline Rear Water Outlet

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 A direct replacement for the original housing on the back of 16V 4age cylinder heads. Unlike the original though this custom part is thinner, physically smaller, has an O-ring seal and allows for universal use with it's water outlet provision on both sides.

Outlet choice

This housing has provison for a water feed on either or both sides. For those who have a vehicle such as an AE86, AE71 or KE70 then the original right hand outlet direct (towards inlet) is correct as it needs to be directed towards the heater flow control tap. But for the earlier Corollas and Celicas without the tap a left hand is required instead. A second choice is a non heater option in which both holes have a plug in them. 

Each housing is also supplied with an O-ring, x2 plugs and a 16mm barb for when the heater is used. Other options on request.

There is no provision for the throttle coolant line supply however a T-piece could be used for it's connection if required. 

Sensor provision

On the top of this housing are two threaded ports which suit the same sensors as per the OEM part this replaces. These are for the ECU water temperature sensor and the injector cold start sensor switch

NOTE: Unlike the picture shown these have been engraved with labels to show which sensors are fitted. The right hand sensor has been incorrectly labelled as "dash", this is not for the Dash / fascia temperature sensor but rather for the large cold start injector switch.