SQ 20V RWD Coolant Conversion Kit

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Features and advantages

- Ease of fitment: This kit is very easy and quick to install on the engine using only basic tools. No custom modifications are required and no unpleasant surprises.

- Full bypass type cooling system: Helps to avoid air locks and is intended to avoid any internal hot spots and also help stabilise the operating temperature.

- Original water flow: Same direction as OEM configuration.

- No external water pipes

- Genuine thermostat: Pre-fitted inside the thermostat housing is a new and genuine Japanese made thermostat from Toyota, for the greatest ease of service this is the same type as fitted to 16V 4age engines.

- Suits original hoses: Using the supplied parts in the kit the factory fitted AE86 / AE71 radiator and heater hoses are able to be directly used. For other models it's able to be easily adapted.

- Water pump / alternator compatibility: Suits the original 20V water pump and the alternator / bracket from any model of 4age.



Parts options

- Heater use: This kit is available with the option of a heater provision. The heater compatible kit features a water feed outlet in the rear housing, a return feed in the thermostat housing, a joiner hose to the original heater pipe and the relevant clamps. These parts completely clear the OEM knock sensor which is critical for the use of the original ECU.

Very cost effective solution for converting 20V to RWD. No need for unsightly aluminum or copper pipes filling up engine bay or grinding and welding of the head.

Includes: Coolant re-routing block (rear), FWD coolant outlet block off plate (side), SQ designed outlet/adapter, new water neck, thermostat, fasteners.

With this kit, you are able to retain your 20V water pump, crankshaft pulley, alternator, and related hardware. Some other conversions on the market require a switch to 16V pieces. SQ outlet consists of a new cast outlet housing attached to an adapter plate and comes pre-assembled with thermostat inside (mating hardware is countersunk). Heater can be retained as an option by using a bypass adapter installed in the coolant hose.

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