SQ 20V Distributor Relocation Kit

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SQ Engineering Dizzy Relocation Kit

  • Avoids bashing or cutting firewalls
  • Can be installed in 30 minutes
  • Local tech support in English
  • Timing belt cover may be retained
  • We always have the latest version of this kit due to high turnover

The Toyota 20V is a fantastic engine choice for AE86's and other lightweight cars that pair well with high RPM and roar from ITBs. The single largest hurdle when swapping a 20V into a RWD car is the rear mounted distributor. Enter SQ Engineering.

The dilemma is to either bash in the firewall, or install a stand alone ECU. SQ's kit provides a third option: leave the cam angle sensor in place and elegantly bring the cap and rotor to the front of the engine - a solution that has been offered by some tuning companies in Japan for many years.

If you wish to keep the timing belt cover, a circular hole that is just large enough to fit the dizzy cap through is often cut into it.

When re-locating the dizzy cap to the front of the engine, all ignition wires can be re-used except for one. A new, longer wire that looks like the original can be supplied as an option.