SQ 20V/16V/4AGE Distributor Block Off Cap

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SQ Engineering 20V or 16V  Distributor Block Off Cap (Please choose in the drop-down menu)

  • Slimmest on the market
  • Recent redesign
  • Radiused edges to minimize scrapes and nicks
  • New high strength hex head bolts included
  • Designed to seal as original to block out contaminants

Whether you are routing the distributor to the front of the engine with an SQ engineering distributor relocation kit or you have converted to a coil on plug solution, this is the block off cap to get. There are no others on the market that are this well engineered or as nice to look at.

Enough material was left in critical areas to provide protection for the cam angle sensor even when the engine is being bumped around from removal or overhaul.

16V covers are great for missing GZE CAS covers, or for when converting a normal 16V distributor over to a distributorless system where the CAS is still required (Stand alone installs).