Rear Big Brake Kit for the ZZW30 MR2

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Upgrade your ZZW30 MR2's factory brakes with our Rear Big Brake Kit! Designed for high horsepower, track warriors, and touge masters, this kit includes stiff radial mounted Wilwood Calipers and Street Pads, providing increased bite and pedal feel. Choose from a wide range of Brake Pad Compounds available from Wilwood for the perfect match to your driving style. With this kit, you'll experience improved braking performance and enhanced durability.
  • 290mm Cross Dimpled and Slotted Rotors
  • Wilwood Dynalite 4 Piston Calipers
  • Super thick pads for long endurance races.
  • 3 D machined one piece caliper mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel teflon coated brake lines.
  • All Mounting hardware included.
This kit WILL fit under nearly all 15" wheels and we can provide a fitment template on request.

Your choice of brake pads from street to sport to full race.